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We're stoked to have some of the best coaches in the region at Stay Strong CrossFit. They're passionate, athletic, great instructors of movement, and are probably the most motivational group of people you'll find anywhere. Be sure to say "hello" if you see them at the box.
  • Kyle Robertson

    Co-owner & Head Coach

    Kyle Robertson is a co-owner and head coach here at Stay Strong CrossFit. He specializes in Olympic Weightlifting, Movement and Mobility


    • CrossFit L-2
    • BS in Health and Fitness
    • USAW Advanced Sport Performance
    • RockTape FMT L-1
  • Sami Scorzelli

    Co-owner, Head Coach, and Nutritionist

    Sami Scorzelli is a co-owner, head coach, and our resident nutritionist. She provides individualized training, nutritional coaching, and is passionate about anything that has to do with the human body.

    “I love the way we humans move, how we fuel our bodies, and how we respond to tweaks in our fitness journey. I really enjoy watching our athletes surpass what they believed to be possible. The ability to witness first-hand the satisfaction that they feel in that moment is intoxicating. Each of our members inspires me to give every workday my all and to provide them with my experience and education.”

    Under the influences of her fellow head coaches, Coach Sami was introduced to the sport of CrossFit and her passion was ignited.

    “It was in college that I found my passion for human movement. I had spent countless hours in the human performance lab observing and learning how to help individuals reach their peak athletic potential. Dring my internship I met my fellow head coaches Jake and Kyle. A few months into my internship Jake sparked my interest of what CrossFit was and it was only a matter of time before I performed my first benchmark workout (Jackie) with coach Kyle. “


    • CrossFit L-1
    • OPEX Level 1 Nutrition
    • NASM-CPT
    • Bachelors of Health and Fitness in Preventive and Rehabilitation Programs
  • Jake Heikkinen

    Owner/Head Coach

    Jake Heikkinen is the Owner/Head Coach here at Stay Strong CrossFit. He specializes in working with individuals focusing on injury prevention, rehabilitation from an injury, and sports performance.

    “I have experience working with athletes in professional, semi-professional, collegiate, and high school athletics. For the last 4 years, I have mainly worked with high school athletes and have helped 100+ athletes on their journey towards their athletic goals. I am passionate about helping others. I believe that I am best able to do this by helping people discover better lifestyles through health and fitness. By helping people discover these new lifestyles, they are able to better pursue the things in life that they are passionate about.”

    Growing up, Coach Jake played in as many sports as he could handle. He found a love of gymnastics at a very early age. After watching the 1992 Olympics (at the age of 3), he told his parents he wanted to do gymnastics and they signed him up that week.

    “I was a competitive gymnast until the age of 14 and was honored to be on multiple state championship teams as well as accomplish a few individual state championships. In high school, I played football, soccer, and was a captain for the track team. As a CrossFit athlete, I have been able to represent Stay Strong CrossFit as a Team member at the 2012 Central East Regionals as well as the 2014 and 2017 Granite Games. In 2014, I was honored by Michigan Athletic Training Society as the High School Athletic Trainer of the year for my exemplary service as an athletic trainer.”

    After being on athletic teams his whole life, Coach Jake says he felt a bit lost after high school. He continued to work out on his own regularly, but missed the competitiveness and camaraderie he was used to with athletics. However, this all changed while completing an internship with CD Chivas USA in California in 2011.

    “The first day of my internship happened to be the first day of the 2011 CrossFit games and I was lucky enough to watch some of CrossFit games events. I was immediately fascinated by this new sport and instantly wanted to give it a try. After completing some CrossFit workouts on my own for a few months, I decided to find a CrossFit affiliate and walked into Stay Strong CrossFit. After training at Stay Strong for 2 weeks, I signed up to complete my CrossFit L1 certificate and have not looked back since”

    “Today, I love helping athletes discover their full potential. I have met a lot of athletes (CrossFit and other sports) who often say, ‘there’s no way I could ever do that.’ I love working with these athletes and see the look of surprise on their faces when they finally complete that skill/task that seemed impossible to them.


    • Master's of Science in Kinesiology
    • CrossFit L-2
    • CrossFit Mobility
    • OPEX CCP Assessment and Program Design
    • RockTape FMT L-1 and L-2
    • BOC Certified
    • Michigan Licensed Athletic Trainer
  • James Cho



    • CrossFit L-1


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