CrossFit 091919

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Stay Strong CrossFit – CrossFit


2 RD’s:

20/18 Cal Row, Bike, or Ski

8′ Tall Lateral Plank ea. Direction

10 Alternating Russian Box Step ups

10 Plate Calf Raises

20s Banded OH Distraction/Tricep Distraction

Gymnastics Conditioning

12 Min EMOM:

Odd Minute: 20′ HS Walk

Even Minute: 30 Double Unders

L1: 3 Wall Walks with 2sec Pause at the top, 45 single under

Rx: As Written

Rx+: 40′ HS Walk

Odd: Handstand Walk (6 x 20′)

4’=1 rep

Even: Double-Unders (6 x 30)


Metcon (Time)

8 RD’s:

5 Strict Handstand Push Ups

8 Alternating DB/KB Box Step Ups (24/20″)(50/35#)

50m DB/KB Suitcase Carry (50/35#) (Switch Hands 1/2 way)

*Open Standard Box Step Ups*

L1: Strict Elevated HSPU or Pike Push Ups, 35/20#

Rx: As Written

Rx+: 70/50# DB or KB

Extra Credit

Go to Endurance tab for bike conditioning.