Fundamentals #1 Lower Body Pushing

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Stay Strong CrossFit – Fundamentals


(No Measure)

Group Dynamic Warm Up

“Being strong is all about how well we can organize and hold the spine”

-Breathing Technique-

1) Arch your Back and Hold

2) Deep Breathe, Draw the belly in

3) Now do it together, sometimes it helps to over-exaggerate it

This technique will travel with you for every movement you do throughout Fundamentals


Air Squat


2)Feet flat, Heels down

3)Knees tracking out


5)Breathing Technique, Exhale up

EMOTM for 3 minutes

8 Air Squats

*Use the breathing technique and exhale up. 10 reps and 10 breathes


Front Squat

The Front Rack Position

1) Relaxed Grip, Outside shoulders

2) Elbows Up

3) Breathing Technique

EMOTM for 5 minutes

3 Front Squats – building in weight

Back Squat

The Back Rack Position

1) Bar on traps

2) Hands close and Squeeze upper back

3) Breathing Technique

EMOTM for 5 minutes

3 Back Squats – building in weight

Overhead Squat

The Overhead Position

1) Wide Passthru Grip

2) Shrug and Press w/Breathing Tech.

3) Allow bar to stay back while chest comes forward

*This movement demands a lot. Do not get frustrated. Master your Air Squat and then the Shoulder demands of the OHS

EMOTM for 5 minutes

3 Overhead Squats – building in weight


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10 Minute AMRAP

250m Row

20 Sit ups

10 Burpees

*50m = 1rep