Fundamentals #4 Upper Body Pushing

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Stay Strong CrossFit – Fundamentals


2 Rounds

15s OH Banded Distraction

15s Arm Bar Stretch

15 Calorie Assault Bike

15 Ring Rows

40ft Inchworm

Remember our Breathing Technique

1) Arch your Back and Hold

2) Deep Breathe, Draw the belly in

3) Now do it together, sometimes it helps to over-exaggerate it

“Being strong is all about how well we can organize and hold the spine”


Ring Dips

*Demonstrate Ring Dips and all of its progressions

1) Pushup

2) Ring Push Up

3) Double Box Dip (no single box dips please)

4) Ring Dip

*10 reps/side through entire progressions scale until you find your level of fitness where you may stay and practice. Record your progressions into Wodify profile

Shoulder Press (Technique)

The Grip

The Front Rack Position

Big Breath, Hold it and Press

Push Press (Technique)


Stay through the heels

Don’t leave the ground

Push Jerk (Technique)

Dip-n-Drive, Drop-n-Lock!

Move your feet if it helps


Metcon (Time)


5 Burpee Box jump/Step up

10 Cal Row

15 Sit ups