Saturday 052116

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Stay Strong CrossFit – CrossFit


Group Dynamic Warm-Up

Every Minute On the Minute

16 Min EMOM:

Odd: 6-8 Pistols

Even: 20 DU’s

L1(SL Box Squat/Band Assisted Pistols/Pistol to Medball, Single Unders)

Rx( As Written)

Rx+(KB Pistol, Unbroken DU’s)

*Focus on skill work today. Work on skill progressions and control.

Pistols (8 x 6-8 reps )

Double-Unders (8 x 20 )

Team WOD

Teams of 2

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

18 Min AMRAP:

50 Partner Dead Lift

50 Wall Ball (partners alternate every rep)

50 Cal Row

50 Partner Burpees (hands touch at bottom)

L1( 225/275)