2015 CrossFit Games Open

The Open is upon us! This is a 5 week workout series that kickstarts the CrossFit Games season all leading up to Regionals and the Games. Register for the 2015 CrossFit Open in the link below. Make sure you read up on the changes to the divisions including the new scaled and teen divisions and also the regional changes. The first workout 15.1 starts Feb 26th so keep pushing hard to make this the best Open yet!




Final Event: FRANTASY LAND!!!!
21-15-9 Thrusters and Pull-Ups (95/65)
15-12-9 Thrusters and Chest-to Bar Pull-Ups (115/75)
12-9-6 Thrusters and Bar Muscle Ups (135/95)
Time Cap: 18 Min

Event Description:
As a team you will move through Frantasy Land.  All members of the team must participate in a section of the three complexes.  Teams arrange the order however they please, but once an athlete starts a round they must complete that round in its entirety. (Example: Athlete A will perform the 21’s, athlete B will perform the 15’s and athlete C will perform the 9’s of the first Fran complex. Athlete B may then complete the 15’s, athlete C completes the 12’s, and athlete A then completes the 9’s of the second Fran complex. Athlete C completes the 12’s, athlete A completes the 9’s, and athlete B then completes the 6’s of the final Fran complex.)

*For the final complex of thrusters and bar muscle ups, the team can opt out of the bar muscle ups if an athlete is unable to perform the movement or if the athlete gets stuck.  These uncompleted reps will be left on the table though, and the team can not place higher than any other team that completes more muscle ups. (Ex: Team 1 decides to opt out of their final 6 muscle ups and finishes the wod in 15:37, Team 2 completes the entire wod in 17:28, and Team 3 completes all but 1 muscle up in 18:00.  The rankings for the teams would follow as Team 2, Team 3, and finally Team 1.  Team 2 completed the workout in its entirety the fastest, while Team 3 completed more total reps than Team 1.


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